10 Reasons to Doubt

Adolf Hitler’s international fan club may number in the millions, but it isn’t well represented in the U.S.

In the land of phony democracy, crappy health care and Microsoftware, Hitler is a person few people even mention. If you aren’t shot down by the “Evil Hitler” myth, you’ll be ridiculed for your presumed stupidity. How could anyone find any logical basis for respecting the 20th Century’s biggest lunatic?

In fact, one could probably find hundreds of logical arguments to skewer the mainstream narrative. For the time being, however, let’s start with a simple list of ten reasons you shouldn’t believe the official narrative.

  1. History is written by the victor.
  2. The Germans were demonized long before WWII.
  3. All of our wars have been lied about.
  4. Outrageous Claims
  5. Lack of Balance
  6. Jews controlled Germany.
  7. German Suffering
  8. Hitler’s Miracles
  9. The Holohoax Industry
  10. History repeats itself.

1. History is written by the victor. ˆ

History of WWII

It’s true.

The Romans demonized Carthage after they destroyed it, and the Jews demonized Germany and Japan after World War II. (Remember, the atomic bombs that concluded the war were invented by Jews.)

It’s no secret that Jews control the media, which makes it that much easier for them to spread their lies. They also control Hollywood, which is a vehicle for fictional movies like Sophie’s Choice.

And, in case you haven’t been paying attention, Jews are phenomenal liars. They don’t call’em media whores for nothing.

2. The Germans were demonized long before WWII. ˆ


Western interests and Russia both were cranking out anti-German propaganda in the 19th century. In the early 20th century, World War I fanned the flames.

In the U.S., more than 4,000 German aliens were imprisoned in 1917-1918, some for merely endorsing the German war effort. Thousands more were forced to buy bonds to prove their loyalty to Uncle Sam.

Communities, streets and businesses with German names were rechristened with English names.

Many schools stopped teaching German-language classes, and books published in German were removed from libraries or even burned. Many states forbade the use of German in public. Some democracy, huh?

Many fearful Germans anglicized their names to disguise their identities.

3. All of our wars have been lied about. ˆ

War Propaganda

Remember those invisible weapons of mass destruction that were used to justify the invasion of Iraq? Remember the endless lies about Osama bin Laden that led to an occupation of Afghanistan lasting nearly two decades?

ISIS, which was used to justify attacks on Syria, was a U.S./Israeli conspiracy. The destruction of Libya—Africa’s brightest star—was based on lies.

Vietnam was an endless parade of lies. And don’t forget North Korea. I never even knew about the massive carpet bombing of that country until I was in my fifties. No wonder they hate us!

America’s older wars were just as dishonest.

George Washington was an aristocratic slave owner, not a freedom fighter. Abraham Lincoln was a racist lawyer who exploited slavery in order to stop the Southern states from seceding from the Union.

The media bullshit that launched the Spanish-American War spawned the term “yellow journalism.” And what on Earth was the “Philippine Insurrection”? It was a bloody massacre.

pResident Woodrow Wilson was an anti-war candidate, yet, with the help of his Jewish advisors, he ushered the U.S. into World War I, which was arguably the most stupid war ever.

Right in the middle of these old wars and modern wars is World War II. Isn’t it amazing that it alone was accurately recorded and truthfully described by politicians and the media?

In fact, the mainstream World War II narrative is as full of holes as the mainstream 9/11 narrative. The politicians and media whores are still lying about it/

4. Outrageous Claims ˆ


Did you know that Hitler had just one testicle and was addicted to cocaine?

Other sources claim he had three testicles and was addicted to opiates. Or was it methamphetamine?

Some claim Hitler had a really small penis and consumed a daily cocktail of drugs. And let’s not forget the timeless story about the lampshades the Germans made out of the skin of Jewish prisoners.

Some of these wild claims were allegedly endorsed by people who were close to Hitler—after the war was over and Hitler was dead, unable to defend himself.

Were these people bribed, threatened, tortured or all of the above?

It’s interesting that similarly bizarre stories ravaged Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s image…after he had been murdered by thugs working for NATO. As with Hitler, the stories became ever more unbelievable as they became more far-fetched.

Speaking of outrageous claims, is it really fair to portray Adolf Hitler as the most evil person who ever lived? How was he worse than Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan or Napoleon? Most members of the U.S. Congress are probably just as racist as Hitler was, if not more so.

As for claims that Hitler wanted to conquer the world, where’s the evidence? The war on the Western Front was a defensive war; the colonial British and French started it.

The Eastern Front is a different story Hitler threw the first punch, and he had earlier talked about his desire to colonize Russian lands.

But there’s still a big difference between conquering the Soviet Union versus conquering the world. Moreover, the story is very complex and confusing. The Soviets were planning on conquering not just Germany but all of Europe…the entire world, in fact. Did Hitler simply launch a preemptive strike?

5. Lack of Balance ˆ


Just for argument’s sake, suppose Hitler really was guilty of everything he has been accused of. In that event, it would certainly be just to speak ill of him.

But what about Winston Churchill, a vile racist and warmonger who bore responsibility for the deaths of some three million Indians in the Bengal Famine? How is it that his crimes against humanity were swept under the rug?

Soviet strongman Joseph Stalin is widely believed to have killed even more people than Hitler—and most of his victims were his own subjects!

The German invasion of Poland is commonly cited as the beginning of World War II. Did you know that the Soviets invaded Poland, too? In fact, the Soviet Union was invading other nations even before World War II. Moreover, the Soviets openly bragged about overthrowing governments around the world.

So who really wanted to conquer the world, Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin?

20th Century MonstersJoseph Stalin (left) is credited with killing more people than Hitler, but he modestly avoids the limelight. Scumbag Winston Churchill is widely touted as World War II’s biggest hero, but three million Indians who died of starvation might disagree.

6. Jews controlled Germany. ˆ


When Hitler complained about Jews controlling Germany and screwing the German people, he wasn’t lying.

Jews had enormous influence over the economy, media and government. German bankers, in particular, were some of history’s most powerful people.

Was Berlin’s status as Europe’s sex capital an example of free speech, or did it have something to do with the Jews’ legendary strategy of beating people down by corrupting their morals? It sounds a little weird until you look at the gutter the U.S. has turned into.

Of course, Germany’s enemies—the United Kingdom, France, United States and maybe even the Soviet Union—were all largely controlled by Jews. Go figure.

7. German Suffering ˆ

SufferingA pile of civilian bodies awaits cremation after the Allies dropped more than 3,900 tons of bombs on Dresden, Germany.

We hear an endless monologue about the cruelties the Germans meted out to other peoples. But we seldom hear about the suffering the Germans endured.

Anywhere from 400,000 to more than 700,000 Germans starved to death thanks to a British blockade during WWI.

After losing World War I—who could resist the combined might of the UK, France, Russia and the U.S.?—Germany was skewered by the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Many historians have argued that this sleazy treaty helped pave the way to WWII.

In the meantime, Germans living in Poland were subjected to the same atrocities the Jews accuse the Germans of.

During WWII, Germany was devastated by Allied bombing raids. One of the most famous was the fire-bombing of Dresden, which wasn’t even a military target.

After the war, the civilian population was treated very harshly, similar to the post-WWI period. In the largest episode of forced migration in history, millions of German-speaking civilians were sent to Germany from Czechoslovakia and other European countries after World War II by order of the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union.

Today, Germany is not a real democracy. It is once again controlled by the Jews. Indeed, Germany’s national hobbies appear to be throwing money at Jews who claim to be Holocaust victims and helping the terrorist state of Israel beef up its military.

Merely asking questions about the Holocaust can get German citizens thrown in prison. While Americans are free to imitate bloody monsters from Andrew Jackson to Abraham Lincoln, flashing a Nazi salute in Germany, even in jest, is verboten.

8. Hitler’s Miracles ˆ


In their mad rush to tar and feather one of the 20th century’s most charismatic leaders, propagandists conveniently overlook his good deeds.

Thumbing his nose at the Treaty of Versailles rates an A+. Holding the Jews who were ruining Germany accountable rates another A+.

Reuniting Germany? A+. Note that Hitler didn’t force Austria to join the new German empire; Austrians cheered the prospect and welcomed Hitler as a unifying hero.

Hitler rescued Germany from the Great Depression while Americans were still digging ditches for pResident Franklin D. Roosevelt. Not until WWII did the U.S. escape the global financial crisis. Hitler performed his miracle during peacetime.

The Jews and their whores like to gloat over their victory over the forces of fascism. But keep in mind that Germany took on the four most powerful nations in the world simultaneously. Moreover, Hitler dealt France a humiliating victory before punishing the British. Why Hitler didn’t end the war at Dunkirk is one of history’s biggest mysteries. Was he hoping the British would see it as an act of mercy and call off their dogs of war, or was it a colossal blunder?

The sheer size of the Soviet Union was more than even Hitler could handle. But let’s not forget the fact that the Soviets were supplied by the U.S. Even the right-wing Washington Post admitted that “Their Wehrmacht Was Better Than Our Army.”

So how did the U.S. do against tiny Vietnam? How did George W. Bush, Obama and Donald Trump fare in Afghanistan?

Nuff said.

9. The Holohoax Industry ˆ

HolohoaxThe highlights of Elie Wiesel’s colorful career include being feted by media whore Oprah Winfrey and losing his life savings to a fellow Jew, Bernie Madoff. By Remy Steinegger / Slim Virgin, CC by 2.0Source Note: I added the material other than the photo on the left.

The Holocaust is one of WWII’s biggest mysteries.

Did it really happen? If so, how many Jews really perished? Did Hitler plan the Holocaust, or did his subordinates carry it out?

Sadly, we can probably never know the whole truth. But the mainstream narrative reeks of lies.

The most famous Holocausts survivors were probably Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal, and it’s doubtful that either one spent a single day in a concentration camp. Was Anne Frank’s diary really forged?

Ever see the movie Sophie’s Choice? It’s heart-breaking. It’s also fiction.

Even if the mainstream Holocaust narrative was true, we would still be left with a glaring problem—the disgusting manipulation and exploitation of the Holocaust.

Holocaust museums have sprouted around the world, like a chain of fast food stores. The Holocaust franchise is designed to lay a guilt trip on just about everyone who isn’t Jewish and keep the money flowing. Germany isn’t the only country showering money and military aid on alleged Holocaust victims and Israel. Did you know that pResident Obama gave money to U.S. citizens who claimed to be Holocaust victims?

What about African Americans or Native Americans who are suffering far more than the Jews? What about the victims of America’s dirty wars, like the Vietnamese children who are born deformed due to the lingering effects of Agent Orange?

No other race can match the Jews’ reputation as hucksters, and the Holocaust ranks as one of history’s biggest con jobs.

10. History repeats itself. ˆ


When studying the history of Germany, a U.S. citizen might get an eerie sense of déjà vu.

pResident Woodrow Wilson’s Jewish advisors steered the U.S. into World War I, and WWII ended with atomic bombs, invented by Jews. Both wars conveniently paved the way for the creation of Israel, which rivals the U.S. as the greatest terrorist state.

In 1913, powerful Jewish bankers created the Federal Reserve, which was supposedly designed to stabilize the economy. Yet the U.S. was crippled by the Great Depression less than two decades later. At the end of 2020, the national debt was approaching $28 trillion, as the Jews continue to play their financial games.

If Berlin was Europe’s sex capital, the U.S. has become an international icon of sleaze. In addition to the economy Jews control the economy, the media, the Internet and even entertainment, particularly Hollywood.

Jews’ political clout becomes more blatantly obvious each year.

Billary Clintons’ daughter Chelsea is married to a Jewish banker, whose parents are politicians linked to the Clintons. Obama practically declared himself a Jew as he fought Israel’s wars. Donald Trump’s children are married to Jews, and Joe Biden publicly declared “I’m a Zionist!”

If the Jews aren’t plotting to control the world, then how do we explain their awesome power, which only continues to grow? Is it all one big accident?

Like Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, most U.S. pResidents are whores for the Jews. In contrast, Adolf Hitler did everything in his power to free Germany from the Jewish parasites that infested it. He was a visionary with a stature that dwarfs all U.S. pResidents.

JewmericaWhile it was burning up, Donald Trump—whose children are married to Jews—gave California the middle finger as he schmoozed with Israel. Joe Biden publicy declared “I’m a Zionist!” When the two assclowns met for their first pResidential campaign debate, the moderator was Chris Wallace (center), a Jew. And the latest coronavirus relief bill awards $500 million to…take a wild guess…Israel. Photo of Chris Wallace by Maryland GovPics, CC by 2.0Source Note: I heavily modified the photo of Wallace.